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in downtown Canton, Ga.


Growlers & Pints

We offer 32oz. and 64oz. growlers, as well as a 32oz. Crowler® (sealed in a can), with a constantly rotating selection of craft beer from high-quality breweries across the US.

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How Our Growlers Work

When you pick up your first growler from Stout's you purchase either a 32oz. or 64oz. glass growler for a one-time cost of $6 (in addition to the cost of the beer). The next time you come back, just bring your clean growler along and only pay for the beer you get. You can also swap a 32oz. growler for a 64oz. growler anytime at no cost.


What is a "Crowler®?

A Crowler®, in the simplest terms, is a mix between a can and a growler. You pick a beer from our tap selection and we fill a 32oz. Crowler® can and seal it up for you to take with you. A Crowler® is single-use and you pay for each Crowler® you buy. 


PintS, Flights & Wine


Our beer menu is constantly changing, so come on by and grab a pint or a flight to try out some of our new items.  We will also have select wines available to enjoy by the glass on site.  We'll have the TV's on and the music playing, so bring your friends and family and treat your palate!


Bottles & Cans

In addition to growlers, we stock bottles & cans from some of our favorite local breweries and from all over the world.  We've built great relationships with local breweries to help promote our hometown heroes.

Come pick up some of these Beauties


Red, White & Sparkling

Nothing makes a dinner or evening on the porch complete like a smooth glass of wine.  We've hand-picked some of the finest wines around to sell in our shop, and would love to have you join us during a tasting night to pick out your new favorite bottle.


Red Wine


American Thread, Pinot Noir, California 2014
Axel, Carmenere, Chile 2014
Aviary, Cabernet Sauvignon, California 2013
Bodega Gratia, Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina 2012
Ca Momi, Rosso Red Blend, California 2014
Carlin de Paolo, Barbera de Asti, Italy 2013
Carneros, Pinot Noir, California 2015
Chateau Julien, Merlot, California 2014
Cheval D'Arc Bourgogne, Pinot Noir, France 2013
Chilensis, Malbec, Chile 2014
Conundrum, Red Blend, California 2014
Cordero, Nebbiolo, Italy 2014
Crociani, Rosso di Montepulciano, Italy 2014
Cuvelier, Malbec, Argentina 2013
Dante, Merlot, California, 2013
Del Rio, Claret, Oregon 2012
Del Rio Jolee, Red Blend, Oregon
Domaine de la Perrier, Chinon, France 2014
Donati, Cabernet Sauvignon, California 2013
Henry Fessy, Beaujolais, France 2015
J Vineyards, Pinot Noir, California 2015

Las Rocas, Red Blend, Spain 2013
Llama, Malbec, Argentina 2016
Lucas & Lewellen, Pinot Noir, California 2013
Lujuria, Malbec, Argentina 2013
Maggio, Petite Sirah, California 2015
Marc Cellars, Cabernet Sauvignon, California 2014
Napa by N.A.P.A. Red Blend, California 2013
Old Soul, Cabernet Sauvignon, California 2016
Pasqua, Chianti, Italy 2015
Pozzan, Zinfandel, California, 2013
Pietra Santa, Zinfandel, California 2011
Schug, Pinot Noir, California 2015
Secret Cellars, Cabernet Sauvignon, California 2014
Soldier's Block, Shiraz
St Pauls, Pinot Nero, Italy 2015
Storypoint, Cabernet Sauvignon, California 2015
Talbott Kali Hart, Pinot Noir, California 2015
The Girls In The Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon, CA 2015
Wente, Merlot, California 2013
Z. Alex Brown, Cabernet Sauvignon, California 2015


White Wine


Aviary, Chardonnay, California 2015
Babylonstoren, Viognier, South Africa 2016
Ca' Momi, Bianco, California 2014
Chateau Cantelaudette, White Bordeaux, France 2015
Cheverny White Blend, France 2015
Highway 12, Sauvignon Blanc, California 2016
Maggio, Pinot Grigio, California 2014
Mannequin, Chardonnay, California 2014

Sand Point, Chardonnay, California 2015
Selbach, Kabinet Piesporter Riesling, Germany 2015
Shannon Vineyard, Sauvignon Blanc, California 2014
Smashberry, White, California 2013
Spicy Goat, Reisling, Germany 2014
Talbott Kali Hart, Chardonnay, California 2015
Tiki, Sauvignon Blanc, California 2015
Wente, Chardonnay, California 2014
White's Bay, Sauvignon Blanc, California 2016


Sparkling & Rose Wine


Brumont Rose, France 2015
Cremant de Bourgogne, Brut, France
Del Rio Grenache Rose OR 2016
Fleur de Mer Rose, France 2016

Laboure-Gontard, Rose, France
LaMarca, Prosecco, Italy
Le Contesse Prosecco, Brut, Italy
ROSA Sparkling Malbec, Argentina 
Tintero Moscato d'Asti, Italy



Upcoming Events & Tastings

In addition to our weekly pint nights, we host several events throughout the year, including First Fridays, the Art & Wine Walk and monthly wine tastings where we will typically open 5-6 bottles of wine and serve with light snacks. Bring your loved ones and friends for a wonderful evening in the heart of historic downtown Canton, GA.

Check out the upcoming events below and make Stout's a part of your next date night!


We're located at 188 North St. in the heart of historic downtown Canton, Georgia.

As the only growler shop in Canton, Stout’s Growlers is proud to be a member of the downtown Canton community.  As home brewers, owners Thery, Jim and Nick bring their love, passion and dedication for craft beer to the community and welcome you to stop by and enjoy any one of their 30 taps, bottles & cans and selection of fine wines.



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